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Running PICO-8 carts without manual export

So one day, I decided to open the source of all my PICO-8 carts. I threw away a lot of not finished carts, yet I still ended up with a big number of them. And I not only wanted to make the carts downloadable but also to make them previewable in the browser. The typical way to do that with PICO-8 is the following:

> LOAD cart.p8.png
> EXPORT index.html

Then zip index.html and index.js, etc etc. But you know, even doing that with 20 carts will take quite some time.

And I knew BBS has a way to run carts without exporting them. So after a small research, I found a small library on Github, that allowed me to do just that, yet it was outdated for 3 years.

The perspective of just throwing a cart into the directory near your script to automatically make it playable was too good.

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2018: the year of jams

Game jams are truly amazing. They force you to focus on making a game quick, focus on game core, and not polish. If you did not participate in one yet: what are you waiting for?

Ludum Dare

I’ve learned about game jams in the winter of 2016. It happened so to be that Ludum Dare 37 was around the corner. At that point, I finished just 1 small SDL2 game. And my mind was full with text roguelikes and Terraria, so I went with the toolset I was familiar with: Java and super slow library, that provided a simple way to render a text grid.

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Burning Knight: the roadmap

It’s been a while since the last devlog of Burning Knight, and a lot of things changed in that time. I made a new site (well, plus a landing page for the game, yay!), and well let’s talk about it.

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