2019: the year of C#

Oh wow, it’s 31st already? Maaan, time flies by like crazy. So I guess, I don’t really have any more time to procrastinate this article, huh?

A look back

Last year I’ve said I will do a bunch of stuff:

  • Care about making my code clean. I will spend each Friday refactoring it up. Well, I did do a huge refractor of the whole Burning Knight codebase, so I guess I didn’t fail completely. I really advanced this year in programming patterns, especially in ECS’s. I’m really happy with how C# brach of Burning Knight is looking. But I didn’t spend every Friday, nope :/

  • Try out monogame with next big project. Well… Yep, Burning Knight is now monogame based xD

  • Finish Burning Knight. Man, I wish.

  • Write. 12 articles in 12 months. Not bad, but could be better. It’s really hard to motivate myself and write, when the analytics show almost 0 interest in my writing…

  • Open source more things. Burning Knight ate all my time, tbh.

  • Making a PICO-8 cart a week. I’ve made a bunch of carts at first, but then I just got busy and just forgot about it at some point :/

  • Make Voxatron carts. Nope.

Yeah, things did not go according to the plan, but I’m fine with that. From my experience, my plans always evolve, and not always for the worse.

But you know, I’m really happy, how the year turned out overall. The hugest thing for me was learning a new language – C#. I was under the illusion of it being just a Java clone for so long… How happy I am, that I’m now Java-free!

I’ve made 4 tiny games this year. I’m starting to miss being able to work on stuff, that I want, without having a long-time commitment to one project… I’m so jealous to get the Burning Knight done, but at the same time, each time I open my IDE, I just want to add more and more details, content and easter eggs. Yeah…

I’ve also made a website for the game (duh, I’m so not happy with it), and another one for a project, I got involved somehow. I also redesigned this site from being white and blue into black and red, but I’m still not happy with it… Man, webdev is not my thing for sure.

Next year

  • I will spend less time in social apps. Reddit and twitter became really hard resist, so I’ve deleted them a few days ago from my phone. Feeling much better now. Tho, I have to admit, both desktop site versions are so much worse šŸ˜®

  • I will write a word a day. I want to try. Just a single word. Maybe random, maybe not. And I want to see, where it goes through the year.

  • No jams, besides ldjam. I love jams. But they are exhausting. And time-consuming. So how I’ve said no to them in 2019, I’m saying no to jams in 2020. Except for the ldjam. Its only 2 times a year now (sob).

I just want to let you know, that Burning Knight development (wew, I’ve mentioned the game name like 20 times now??) is going really fast, the game is evolving like crazy. Just on the past week, I’ve introduced a lot of statues, scourges, NPC’s and more! I’m not sure, when I will force myself into writing the next devlog, but that should happen somewhere soonish.

So yeah. As of writing this, I still have 7 hours left of 2019, so I will go and try to finish it well šŸ™‚


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