Burning Knight: the roadmap (part 2)

Hey guys, Egor here.

Remember that post from December 2018, where I talked about development plans for Burning Knight? Well, I was right about one thing for sure: the development did not go according to the plan… So let’s talk about this.

CSharp rewrite

So I talked a lot in this post, what made me change my mind about Java and C#, why I rewrote the whole game in a new language and framework, but here is a little TL;DR:

Creating executable files from .jars was a pain, code got messy, Java does not run on consoles, gamepad support in LibGDX is super bad, and a ton more… So I rewrote the game in another language. And I did not regret this. The game became x100 times better both from game design and from the code perspective. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve changed a lot, and it all reflected on the codebase. I love C#.

So this was a pretty big set back in overall progress, but it gave me a huge boost in the development speed for the future. In under 6 months I got a brand new game, that is a hundred times better than the old one, that took more than a year to develop. I’m really happy I made this hard decision.

What’s next?

I’ve noticed a long time ago, that announcing my plans publicly, motivates me a lot through the development. I’m really hyped for the next updates myself, but a public roadmap is even better!

Why do I call them updates? Well, guess what, there is a constantly updated build on our discord server! So if you want to help with testing, or just try it out, you know what to do šŸ˜‰

So here is the plan:

  • Bug & Feedback update: October 20th – October 24th. I have a list of things, I need to patch and change from the White Nights conference, I went to a few days ago.
  • Sand & Oil update: October 25th – 28th. Will focus on Desert biome.
  • Spooky & Cookie update: October 29th – 30th. Halloween related enemies/items will be added, as well as some sweet stuff.
  • Herb & Verb update: October 31st – November 6th. Jungle biome and a ton of active items will be introduced.
  • Crook & Book update: November 7th – November 13th. Library biome and magic weapons will be introduced.
  • Tech & Spec update: November 14th – November 20th. Tech biome will be introduced, as well as some statistics, crash report form and performance improvements.
  • Ice & Nice update: November 21st – November 27th. Ice biome will be introduced, as well as a lot of usability features.

How does that sound? Do you have any suggestions/ideas? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon! (for real this time, I need to blow dust off this blog….)

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