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Things I made

Hi, my name is Egor. I’m constantly working on small or big projects, so here is a portfolio for the bigger ones. You can click on each section to get more info.

If you would like to get more insight into my work, you can follow me on Twitter, I constantly post interesting things there 😉

For smaller projects, I tend to put them on my page and sometimes I write about them on my blog. Also, a lot of them (moslty bad) are listed here.
And as well, here is an archive of all my PICO-8 carts.

Big projects


  • Burning Knight is a 2d roguelike where you are trying to fix some family problems.
    The game is currently in the development stage.

    It’s written using Monogame and C#. Was originally made with LibGDX and Java, but I rewrote it and wrote about that.
    Also has a site,
    Wishlist now! 🙂

  • Curse of the Arrow is a puzzle platformer about a guy, who found a cursed arrow, that both helps him in solving puzzle and makes it harder to solve them by spawning corruption and enemies.

    The game was made under a month in January 2018 with love2d and lua.
    You can buy the game on for $5.

    The project didn’t get as much attention as I was hoping, yet it tought me a lot. I worked with a team with FailPositive, who did the music, while I made everything else.