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About & Contact

Hi. My name is Egor. I’m making games and sometimes write about that. I usually go with @egordorichev username on the web.

Sometimes I work as a solo game developer, but I love to work with my team. It might change from project to project, but I usually team up with Mate and Jose. My favorite tools for gamedev are PICO-8 and Lua, but I work with a big range of other programming languages, such as C/C++, JavaScript, C#, Java, Lua, HTML/CSS/PHP (if you can call these programming languages).

You can look at what I’m currently working at and my past big projects here.
I tend to put smaller things on my page, as well as into my archive.


You can reach out to me in a few ways:

I might be available for contract work or just for a talk 🙂

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