2022: the year of JavaScript & change

Mourning, my friends, or whatever time it is for you right now.
It’s the end of the year once again, can you believe it? And looking back at the older posts, this is the 5th year I’m writing a recap for on this blog, sheesh!

Every time I come back here, I feel like this time hasn’t moved what so ever, and everything remains the same, only the dust settles down more and more. I have to admit, I hate sitting down and actually writing these "long" posts, but I’m glad every time I’ve pushed one out. This year I tried out blogging in a smaller way, thanks to my travels and Telegram, and it was a fun adventure. Being able to share a thing in 1-5 minutes is really nice and I was looking forward to it every time. But I do not want to bury this site, as this is somewhat the "more serious" part of my life, I guess. And also, the "less seen" part of my life, by the folks in my life.

But enough rambling around, let’s talk about this year’s worth of progress.


At the start of this year, I was still having hopes to see lit be a usable language one day. So I worked on HTTP/HTTPS requests support, archive library, promises, event system… Well, so much of that, now it is rotting down on github. I feel so relieved, that I was finally able to let go of this project, that was going on longer, than this blog has existed. It has taught me a lot, and the big part of that was overscoping.

So with overscoping lessons learned, I still wanted to design a fun language, and that turned out into funk. I’m actually really proud of it. It is unique, it was really fun to make, and it really hooked me, so I was working on it non-stop (it took only 14 hours of coding to complete). If you want a bit more details, I talked both about lit and funk in the recent post.

I tried to diversify this year my freelancing, and as well as working on the VoxQube & Connect Corner, I briefly worked on a crypto p2p arbitrage tool, but ended up not satisfied with the client, and actually, ended up working on Burning Knight again, ahahaha…

A while ago, I signed a contract with a small console publisher to port Burning Knight to consoles. Well, over a year has passed, and they enlisted my help to port it. Turns out, MonoGame isn’t your typical Unity, and actually porting it to consoles is not an easy task.

As a part of the new client search, I went and redid my website once again. It used just to showcase my skills in the form of text, but I decided that it would be much better to actually show the stuff I worked with. And since my pal @Maanex kept shocking me with vue.js stuff, I decided to give it a go for this smol project, and I found it to be a very pleasant experience. Definitely going to explore it more in the future, it is really refreshing after so much react.

And right now I have two small projects in the works, that I will not say much about for now, since there is a big chance, as always, that they will never become anything of significance 🙂

Oh, actually, I almost forgot! This year feels so long, I almost missed that I managed to get a small game done for Ludum Dare 50, Safe Spot.

Not my proudest achievement, I’m happy with the audio and somewhat happy with the graphics (taking, that the sprites were not made by me this time), but that’s about it.

I’m trying to move in the direction of actually writing something worth selling, so that I could spend my time on my own projects, and have them as my main gig, not a side one. But that looks like it is not happening any time soon, but I will keep on trying.


Last year I talked, how I felt I’ve mastered JavaScript. Well, I was actually using an advanced technique there called lying. I didn’t know better at that point, but yes, there is always somewhere to grow, and wow has my JS skill set improved this year, mostly thanks to the fact, that I worked with it 99% of my time. I also started actually using typescript (finally, idk why it took me so much time), shook hands with the devil docker, and overall modernised my practices.

It is really hard for me to translate to you how much I feel JS/TS has played a role in my development this year, but it is a fact.


I actually did get out of my house country this year, and payed a visit to Turkey & Israel, as well as a bunch of Russian cities. It was a chaotic 3 month long trip, made harder by the fact, that I couldn’t pay with my card anywhere, so I had to rely on crypto for my finances. It was really fun, tho, I’ve visited some friends, even some that I’ve never seen irl. It feels great to be back home, tho!


Forget it. I’m rewriting this section third time, because the page kept reloading…

I play mostly on Switch, but even Steam playtime has been huge this year:

Factorio, Subnautica, Inscryption and a short hike are my favorite new games from this year. Each is so dear to my heart now. BUT I CAN"T KEEP WRITING A PAGE ON EACH ONE OF THEM AND GET IT DELETED EVERYTIME AHSAUDHLASJDH.

I’ve also grown my console collection this year, besides my Switch I bought New 3DS XL, Game&Watch Zelda edition as well as a NES Classic, and I’m still looking at that Wii U…

Hits save aggressively

Yearly theme

Time to change up my yearly theme, and for the next while I’m going with the year of leveling up. I want to stop trying to get into new things, actually improve the stuff I have, finally do steps towards setting up my own gig & stuff.

So yeah, wrapping up, this was an insanely great year for me. Even with all the happenings in the world, that affected me very much, as I live in Russia. Even with all of that, this was by far the best year of my life. Hoping for the best in the next one, and def starting strong with it.

See you in the next year!

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I enjoy reading your blog and at the end of a year or the start of a new one, you always pop into my mind and I come here to read. Best of luck in your endeavors!